Injury Checklist: What to Bring to Meet Your Lawyer

After your eventful injury, you will surely have to meet your lawyer to seek legal remedies for what you got. Before doing so, you should make sure that you collect all the documents you have, relating to your accident and injury. To be organized, it is important to file them accordingly by inserting them in envelopes. Here is a checklist which could help you organize your information when meeting with your lawyer.


  • Ambulance Service (Name and Address)
  • Emergency Room where you were taken (Name and Address)
  • Admission to the emergency room and hospital (Dates)
  • Doctors who examined you (Name and Address)
  • Chiropractors you have consulted (Name and address)
  • People involved in the accident (Names)
  • Witnesses to the accident (Names and address)
  • Opportunity cost like the dates you missed your work because of the injury you got
  • Insurance adjustor you have talked to (Name and address)
  • People you have talked to about your injury (List of names and address)


  • Report of the accident
  • Provide written statement copies
  • Copy of automobile insurance policy (if there is an insurance covering your car accident) along with the “declarations” page or “coverage certificate” that sets forth what kinds of coverage you have purchased and what the policy limits are
  • Homeowners or renters policy (Make sure to include your coverage certificate and declarations page)
  • Include your disability or medical insurance policy or coverage certificate
  • Other policies, including major medical, hospitalization, veterans insurance
  • Also include your correspondence and conversations with your insurance company
  • Present your medical bills
  • Things you have had to buy because of your injury (List)
  • Things you have had to fix because of the accident (List)

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