Periodically we hear of 30 car pile-ups, 50 car pile-ups, and even sometimes crashes involving 100 cars or other vehicles.  What causes these?  How could so many vehicles be involved in these accidents?  Each of these situations can cause a chain reaction multi-vehicle accident.


Fog is created when warm and cold air combine causing condensation.  It forms during changes in temperature and is often close to the ground. Fog is blinding.  It is impossible to see anything.  It can come up very suddenly on the road.  Drivers may not know they are driving into blinding fog until it’s too late.  There may be other cars in the fog that are invisible.  It is too late to stop when another vehicle does become visible.


Smoke is like fog in that it is blinding.  Smoke originates from a fire source unlike fog.  Weather does not cause smoke but will impact it.  Wind can make smoke more dangerous as it can change the direction of smoke, directing it towards a highway without warning.  Wind will also fan the flames of the fire source creating additional smoke and spreading the fire quickly.


Ice is another hazard that drivers face.  When the temperature of the road drops to 32 degrees, black ice can form on a wet surface surprising drivers.  Vehicles hitting the black icy surface can quickly lose control.  Congested highways can quickly fill with out of control vehicles traveling at sometimes high rates of speed causing pile-ups.

How is liability determined in these horrific accidents?  Liability can be difficult to determine and can take quite some time to complete an investigation.  Some of these accidents involve fatalities.  There can be as many mitigating circumstances and contingent liabilities as there are vehicles involved.

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