Pile-ups are among the worst types of accidents. They involve multiple cars, trucks, and possibly semi-trucks. Once it’s over, extracting victims from their vehicles will take longer than a simple one or two vehicle crash. This delay in their hospitalization can mean the difference between life and death. That’s why it’s best to never allow yourself to become involved in a pile-up accident. Here are four safety suggestions for avoiding them:

Maintain a Three Second Following Distance

When the vehicle in front passes by a sign, overpass, or shadow, count the number of seconds required for your front bumper to reach the marker. If your count is less than three seconds, increase your following distance.

Look Farther Down the Road

Don’t limit your attention to the vehicle in front. Look farther down the road and check for signs of trouble, such as multiple cars hitting their brakes.

Watch for Common Pile-Up Causes

Anything that reduces visibility such as smoke, fog, heavy rain, or snowfall is a prime cause of pile-up accidents. Poor road traction is another factor that may cause these accidents. This includes puddles, ice, or snow cover. When these conditions occur, most people don’t slow down enough.

High traffic speed combined with high traffic density also contribute to the risk factor. When traffic seems too closely packed for their speed, slow down and try to avoid traffic clusters.

Hit Your Brakes Hard to Avoid an Impending Collision

When trying to avoid an impending pile-up, hit your brakes hard. This applies only to cars with ABS brakes. Quickly hit your brake pedal and continue holding the pedal down with a firm force. Don’t worry about the sounds your braking system makes. Your ABS brakes will apply maximum braking without causing skidding. Look ahead for an escape route and maneuver your car towards it. Don’t over steer.

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