Whether you’re a new motorcyclist or an experienced one, you may believe certain safety myths to be true when they are actually false.

Here are five myths you need to know before your next ride:

Loud pipes decrease the risk of an accident – A lot of bikers think that having loud pipes make them more noticeable to motorists. However, the most common motorcycle accident happens when a car unexpectedly turns in front of a motorcycle. This means the noise, which is diverted rearward, isn’t much help in decreasing accidents.

Riding on a street is safer than an interstate – It’s common for riders to believe that riding on a street is safer than riding on an interstate since it requires a slower speed. But believe it or not, it’s safer to ride on a freeway because it doesn’t have crossroads, pedestrians, and motorists moving in several directions.

Riders can stop better with conventional brakes as opposed to anti-lock brakes – This isn’t true. Several tests have proven that motorcycles that have anti-lock brakes stop in less distance than those with conventional braking systems. This is due to the fact anti-lock brakes allow the wheel to make a continuous interaction with the road’s surface.

One drink won’t hurt – Just one drink can affect your ability to ride your motorcycle. Never drink and drive as you’re putting yourself and others at risk.

Lay the motorcycle down if you can’t avoid a crash – To do this means you lose control over your bike. Unless you’re about to go over a guardrail, it’s best to rely on your braking system.

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