Don’t Let Summer Complacency Cause a Car Accident

June 13th, 2016 by Patrick Hogan

Summer is the time of year when kids get their much deserved summer vacations and adults get some time off as well. It’s a time to get away and do some travel. When you’re on the road, be sure to watch for these five summer driving hazards:


School is out and so are the kids. Be especially careful when driving around neighborhoods. Children are less aware of traffic dangers, and will cross roads without looking as they chase after balls and other toys. They will cross the road again without looking after retrieving their ball. Children are also very unpredictable on bicycles.

Young Drivers

More teenagers are on the road when school is out for the summer. Many of them will have recently acquired their driving licenses and will be getting real world driving experience. Young drivers are the most accident prone age group. Watch for them.


Better weather and vacation time cause many to take to the road with their bicycles. Bicycles are hard to see, especially in congested traffic. They are less stable than four-wheeled vehicles, which makes them more prone to erratic maneuvers. Sometimes this is the result of their dodging pot holes and debris. Look for them when making turns and switching lanes.

More Congestion

While traffic during the work commute will be the same or possibly a bit less, the roads to vacationing destinations are generally more crowded. There will be more traffic jams, sudden slowdowns, and generally less “buffer space” in front and around your car. Unfortunately, summer does little to change the behavior of aggressive and angry drivers.

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