A lot of motorcycle riders feel like they are above the rules. They wind through traffic to get ahead of everyone else. They run through traffic signals. They may have more than two riders on one motorbike. They might even go the wrong way, riding their motorcycle into oncoming traffic. Sometimes, they even ride on pavements! And this is apart from the fact that they may not use helmets or other protective gear, which is against the law. Speeding is yet another problem in the motorcycle-riding community.

Convenience vs. Flouting the Rules

Riding a motorcycle is very convenient because it does enable you to get where you are going ahead of everyone else. A motorcycle doesn’t take up much space. So it can get ahead of cars, buses and other vehicles. At the same time, flouting all the rules is not a good idea because it endangers the lives of motorcycle riders and people around them.

Having Fun vs. Recklessness

It’s not that you can’t have any fun when you’re riding a motorcycle. You definitely can. But don’t overdo it. Don’t break all the rules, try to get ahead of traffic, race with other motorcycle riders or ride without a helmet. This is taking things too far. It’s reckless. Not only are you endangering your motorcycle, which is likely to be totaled in a crash, you’re also endangering your own life.

Why Motorcycle Riders Are More Vulnerable

Remember that on a motorcycle, you’re more vulnerable than someone in a car, a bus or truck. If there’s an accident, you might be thrown from your motorcycle and land several feet away, breaking many bones. This isn’t going to happen to someone in a car or bus. So it’s important for you to be more careful while riding and not less.

Taking a Shortcut vs. Risking Your Life

Sure, riding a motorcycle can be really convenient, allowing you to take shortcuts that cars and other vehicles can’t take. But remember that the shortcut is not worth your life. Contact us for more great tips on riding responsibly.

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