For many, motorcycling is an exhilarating experience. It also entails risk, which is why some people love riding. But the differences between those who ride for years accident-free and those who don’t, are skill, experience, attitude, judgment, and some luck. Many of the risks of motorcycling are obvious while others are less so. But there are two dangers associated with riding solo that many fail to perceive that have caused many fatalities:

Solo Rural Riding

There are more deaths per mile traveled in rural areas than in cities. This is true for both cars and motorcycles. The reasons for this are that the speeds are greater, the roads are often in poor repair, the roads may have a poor design, and wildlife such as deer frequently cross the road.

If a solo rider sustains a traumatic injury in a motorcycle accident in “the middle of nowhere,” it may take hours or possibly more than a day before emergency services arrive. The delay is caused by longer distances and made worse when no one is around to call for help. If the motorcyclist goes off the road and crashes at a spot not visible to passing traffic, it could take a very long time before help arrives.

Survival following severe injury depends on prompt medical treatment. The injured motorcyclist’s chances of survival diminishes with each passing hour that he lies at the accident scene.

Solo Night Riding

The danger of solo night riding is similar to that of solo rural riding. If no one knows about the rider’s predicament because they can’t see him, then medical help isn’t called. Darkness reduces visibility sufficiently that even running off the road in the suburbs could mean the injured rider isn’t noticed until the following day. Riding at night is full of dangers that can cause motorcycle accidents. Potholes and damaged pavement are difficult to see, and deer often cross the road in the darkness.

Keep these points in mind when motorcycling, and ride more conservatively when you’re alone in a rural or nighttime setting. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, contact us for a free consultation.

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