Helping You to Be a Safer Motorcyclist


Many people enjoy riding their motorcycles. They are a great way to get around no matter the time of year. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are also more vulnerable to serious injuries if they are involved in an accident. In mid-January, an off-duty San Francisco police sergeant was riding a motorcycle when he crashed into a flatbed pickup truck. The officer suffered life-threatening injuries. While motorcycle accidents are sometimes unavoidable, there are several steps you can take to make yourself a safer motorcyclist.

  • Watch for potential hazards on the road. Signs that there might be debris on the road include drivers slowing down or stopping as well as those in front of you swerving to avoid something. Debris that may cause minimal damage to a larger vehicle could cause a motorcyclist to crash.
  • Avoid riding too close to another motorcyclist, especially at high speeds. If you are riding too close, you could unintendedly crash into each other. If several motorcyclists are riding too close to each other and one rider crashes, it could cause a change reaction.
  • Do not ride in a larger vehicle’s blind spot. If you need to pass the vehicle, do so as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Always signal early when changing lanes or turning. The sooner you let drivers know of your intentions, the more likely they will see you and respond accordingly.
  • Be alert. Unfortunately, drivers sometimes are not watching for motorcycles. Be ready to slow down or stop for drivers who are not paying attention.
  • If you have never taken a motorcycle safety course before or if it has been a while, take one now. You might be surprised what you have forgotten or what new skills you can learn.

While you can do your part to increase your chances of being a safe motorcyclist, road safety is up to everyone. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else, contact us.

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