Helmet Choices

December 29th, 2016 by Patrick Hogan

California requires motorcyclists and their passengers to wear helmets.

DOT are the only approved helmets in California and in those states that require a helmet.  There are fines for not obeying the helmet law.  If you are in an accident, they are your best protection from serious injury.

Buying a helmet for motorcycling is not a simple as it sounds.  There are many different types to choose from.  There are several different styles and the prices vary widely.  As long as you purchase a helmet designed for motorcycling and it is DOT approved, you should be legally fine.    

Full Face

Full face helmets cover the head and have protection that covers the ears, chin and neck.  These are rigid.  They may come with a removable face shield.   These helmets can be heavy and cumbersome but provide some of the best protection available.


These helmets are similar to a full face helmet but have additional options.  The chin support is on a locking hinge allowing to move the chin piece out of the way.  There is usually a retractable face shield allowing for moving the shield above the helmet and out of the way. 

Half Helmet

This helmet over the least amount of protection.  It only covers the top of the head and does not offer any protection to the chin, ears, or neck.  This is a popular choice giving the wearer the closest thing to not wearing one.

Three quarter (3/4) Helmet

These helmets are similar to the half helmet and have an additional section covering the ears.  There is no protection for the chin.

Wearing a DOT approved helmet is not only required in California, it’s your best chance of preventing serious head injury.  Pick the helmet that fits your personal preference and enjoy your ride.  Should you have an accident, contact our experienced law firm.

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