As summer turns to autumn and winter begins to appear around the corner, motorcyclists strive to get those last rides in.  Getting out there on the “twisties” and riding hard alone or with friends is extra fun knowing any day could be the close of the season.

There are a few additional concerns riders must have as they venture out on the roads at the end of the year:

Dressing for the Weather

It’s usually cooler this time of year so it’s important to make sure you have clothing to keep you warm for the entire trip.  Temperatures can vary greatly especially If you are still on the road as the sun is setting.  Always have rain gear just in case.

Maintenance of Your Motorcycle

Don’t stop checking your bike out before you ride.  You know your bike inside and out by this time of year but your tires still need to be aired up and in good shape.  Make sure all the bolts are tight, windshield clean, and fluids are full.

Road Hazards

Road hazards specific to late season riding include accumulated leaves on the roadway.  Leaves are falling off of the trees in autumn and can be as hazardous as sand.  Leaves are slippery especially if damp or wet.  It is easy for one tire to grab a hold of some leaves and bring the rider down.  Black ice is another danger.  Black ice is invisible and can form without the rider realizing it’s there.  This can be especially risky early in the morning when condensation has formed on the road and if there was a risk of frost.  Riders considering riding in higher terrain should be especially aware of his hidden danger.

Be careful on these end of season rides and If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced firm immediately after the accident.

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