Of all the users of our roads and highways, motorcyclists face the most risk. Their small size and lack of protection means that collisions have serious consequences. On top of that, their two wheels make them more vulnerable to dangerous road surface conditions. There is no shortage of the number and types of road hazards that cause motorcycle accidents. Here are five of them:

Bumps, Cracks, and Potholes

The danger of a pothole is hard to judge when riding at a high speed. The consequences of hitting one depends on its depth, and whether you require lots of traction because of hard turning or braking. Hitting deep and wide cracks at the wrong angle can catch your wheel and compromise your steering. Bumps are often harmless when you’re prepared for them. However, they can knock you off your bike when they catch you by surprise such as when cornering a tight curve at a high speed.

Wet Leaves, Gravel, Sand, Oil, and Ice

All of these drastically reduce the friction between your tires and the pavement. Depending on your locality and the time of year, overnight ice on the road is also a possibility. The danger exists not only at night when it’s difficult to see, but also in the morning hours on shaded parts of the road where the pavement temperatures are still below freezing.

Debris on the Road

Overloaded or improperly loaded trucks and pickups are known to spill their “cargo” on to the road. The objects can be anything including bricks and 2×4 lumber. A momentary distraction that causes you to hit these at a high speed could be disastrous.

Construction Areas

Construction areas often cause problems for the unwary motorcyclist. Uneven surfaces, sudden drops, and edge breaks are among their many hazards. Edge breaks occur when two side by side traffic lanes have different heights. Crossing one at the wrong angle can affect your steering.

Metal, Wood, Paint, and Taped Surfaces

Metal and wood, as well as the tape used to mark road surfaces at pedestrian crossings, are very slippery when wet. Bridges sometimes have metal decks and some railway crossings are made of wood. Beware of both of these situations during wet weather.

Dangerous road conditions either directly cause or contribute to an accident’s severity. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident and require the help of a lawyer, contact us today.

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