Four Common Driving Myths That Can Cause a Car Crash

June 23rd, 2016 by Patrick Hogan

We get our information about the world from many sources. Because not all information sources are reliable, many of us carry around a lot of misinformation in our heads. Although some incorrect beliefs are harmless, those related to driving can kill. Here are four driving misconceptions that make you a danger to yourself and others on the road:

Distracted Driving Is a Teen Problem

The first step in overcoming a driving safety problem, is knowing that one exists. Thinking that only teens have this problem implies that you don’t because you aren’t a teen. Even if you don’t text and drive as so many teens do, there are many other forms of dangerous distracted driving. Daydreaming, eating, grooming, enjoying the scenery, or any activity that either takes your eyes off the road, your mind off your driving, or your hands off the steering wheel is a form of distracted driving.

If My Blood Alcohol Level Is within the Legal Limit, It’s Safe to Drive

People react to alcohol in different ways. Factors such as body size, fatigue, alcohol tolerance, an empty stomach, and prescription drugs can amplify the effects of even a small amount of alcohol. Regardless of the amount consumed, reactions, alertness, and judgement are affected and increase the risk of a crash.

Slow Driving Is Safe

Slow driving is a tactic of many drunk drivers who believe that slow speeds are easier to handle, and give them more time to react. However, driving too slowly makes you a traffic obstruction. Driving 35 mph on a 65 mph highway makes you a “sitting duck” among traffic that’s passing by you at 30 mph.

Only Alcohol and Recreational Drugs Cause Impairment

Many common over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs can reduce the driver’s reaction time, driving skill, and judgment. Extreme fatigue and distraction also impair driving ability.

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