Driverless Cars in Our Future

June 1st, 2017 by Patrick Hogan

There are more and more driverless cars on the road. There are an increasing number of companies running experimental driverless car programs. Apple, Google, Uber, and Tesla are a few of the better-known companies running these experiments. Many of us have seen these cars on the road. What will happen when these vehicles go mainstream?

Thousands of people are killed and many more are injured in accidents across the country every year. Millions of dollars in losses in property damage are incurred in thousands of accidents every year. Will driverless cars make the roads safer?

Many newer cars that are not driverless have a growing series of warnings from automatic braking to prevent both forward or rear collisions. There are alarms for almost everything.

Blind spot warnings alert the driver when a car has entered the car’s blind spot. In some models, an alarm sounds if a blinker is turned on when a car is in the blind spot.

Automatic steering takes over when the car begins to drift into another lane.

Cruise control that automatically changes speed based on conditions is a new available option.

Many cars have a growing number of cameras to assist the drivers view from a rear camera for backing to additional cameras on outside mirrors to display blind spots.

As car manufacturers add options for automatic driving features, we are getting closer to cars driving themselves. What will the future hold and when will it get here? Will we eventually not be able to drive our own car?

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