Many motorcycle accidents happen when a driver of a car does not see the bike. There are many circumstances that lead car drivers to being blind to the existence of a motorcycle near them. Many motorcyclists add additional noise to be heard by anyone around them. There are so many noises that drivers may not notice the noise of a bike with loud exhaust. Many cars are built today for a quite ride and many outside noises are blocked.

Motorcycles must be seen to avoid collision in most circumstances. This is not an impossible task. Some drivers will still not see a motorcycle but there are ways to help them out.

Ride in view of the driver’s side mirror. Riding near the center line, staying in a place where the driver in front of you can see you in their mirror. Riding directly behind a vehicle may be in their blind spot. Riding slightly to the left will also give you an exit plan in the event the car stops suddenly. It is more difficult to avoid collision when directly behind a vehicle.

Keep your headlights on at all times. The reflection of your headlights in the mirror of a car can be just annoying enough to let the driver know you are there. This is annoying but safe. Some recommend leaving your high beams on at all times. The level of the light beam is at eye level for a car driver. A motorcycle has only one main headlight.  Operating with high beams is still not as bright as a car or truck. You will be seen and you will not blind an oncoming car.

Be seen and be safe when riding your motorcycle. Contact our office if you are involved in a motorcycle accident no matter what the cause.

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