There’s no question that motorcycling is a risky mode of transportation. Motorcycles are inherently unstable, lack a protective cage, and lack energy absorbent bumpers and crumple zones. The only way the motorcyclist can compensate for this is through greater focus on the road and traffic situation. In other words, she or he must develop a high level of situational awareness. Here are three tips for accomplishing this:

Allow Plenty of Following Distance

There’s a limit to the processing speed and reaction time of the human mind and nervous system. The motorcyclist needs time to safely respond to obstacles and traffic incidents. Give yourself this time by allowing 3 seconds of following distance in good road conditions and more when the roads are wet. When the vehicle in front passes by a fixed point such as a shadow or road sign, count off the seconds required for you to reach it. Adjust your speed until you reach¬†3 seconds.

Maintain a Defensive Mind-Set

Motorcyclists lack the protection that motorists enjoy. An accident that causes a car fender bender can be fatal to the biker. Therefore, a higher degree of focus is required.

Never assume that motorists see you, and learn to anticipate the likely actions of others.¬†For example, front wheel positioning of cars stopped at a traffic light gives away the driver’s intent for when the light turns green. A driver turning his head to check a blind spot indicates an intent to change lanes. A defensive mind-set such as this requires active mental engagement.

Use a Good Pair of Riding Glasses or Goggles

Road awareness isn’t possible when you’re blinded by glare or your vision is blurred from tears caused by wind blowing against your eyes. Goggles or wraparounds do a good job of protecting the eyes.

Tinted or polarized eyewear cuts through glare caused by sunlight reflecting off cars, windows, or puddles. A helmet visor or full windshield also provides good protection against wind, which can fatigue, distract, and possibly cause a motorcycle accident.

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