The average driver will see three to four traffic accidents┬áin their lifetime. However, some exceptional drivers have had no accidents over the course of their lives. While a few of these people simply enjoyed incredible luck, the perfect records of the others were mostly due to the way they drove. They didn’t have super fast reflexes or race car driving skills. Instead, they shared these five qualities:

They Are Emotionally Stable

The best drivers don’t emotionally react to the actions or inactions of other drivers. If someone cuts them off, they increase their following distance or move to a lane farther to the right. Getting even, teaching the offender a lesson, or expressing outrage with a horn or flashing lights are not on their driving repertoire. They are patient drivers.

They Are Skillful

Good drivers can operate their vehicles skillfully for the conditions they normally encounter. One characteristic many have in common is their smoothness of driving. Smooth driving reduces wear on the car’s mechanical components and improves the vehicle’s stability. This is especially important in poor road conditions. Hard braking, steering, and acceleration are only necessary in emergency situations.

They Are Knowledgeable

Exceptional drivers not only know the rules of the road, they learn from their driving experiences. They know which lanes work best for them from a safety standpoint. They learn to anticipate the moves of other motorists, to which they respond defensively. Defensive driving for them is a skill honed from years of road experience.

They Take Good Care of Their Cars

The good driver doesn’t wait for a mechanical problem or breakdown before getting her car serviced. She follows the service recommendations of the car manufacturer. She maintains her tire pressures at the correct levels. Nothing is too small a maintenance issue. This includes the wiper fluid level and the condition of her wipers. When she sees a warning red light on her dashboard, she acts on it.

They Have the Right Attitude

The right attitude for every driver is this: driving is a cooperative activity among all motorists with the goal of getting to one’s destination safely.

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