Driving is a dangerous activity that demands your full focus. But this is hard to do for experienced motorists because for them, driving doesn’t seem to require much effort. However, if something unexpected happens, you’ll have to quickly react to avoid a crash. This won’t happen if your attention isn’t on the road. According to NHTSA, distracted driving claims thousands of lives each year. To avoid becoming a statistic yourself, follow these three tips for staying focused:

Stay off the Phone

Too many people regard driving as underutilized time. Arriving at your destination in one piece supersedes all other priorities. Put your phone in silent mode to eliminate the temptation of answering it. This includes both hand-held and hands-free phones. Hands-free phone calls distract the mind from your driving. It also causes things on the road to escape your attention.

If you must place a call, do it before or after your drive. Otherwise, park your car in a safe area before making the call. Avoid texting, which is even more dangerous than phone conversations. Texting takes both your mind and eyes off the road.

Groom and Eat Before Leaving Home

Grooming and eating while commuting often happen because people who are late to work try to save time by doing these activities in their cars. Allow plenty of time in the morning to eat and groom before your commute. Your other choices are to leave late or to arrive at work hungry. These are preferable to getting into an accident. Grooming can be done in the parking lot of your place of employment.

Adjust Your Vehicle Systems While Warming Your Engine

Set your GPS, music system, heater, or air conditioner while waiting for your car to warm up. This includes checking the weather and traffic. If your car is new, make sure you’re familiar with its controls before heading out on the road.

Finally, if something urgent demands your attention, get off the road and park in a safe area before doing it. Never multitask your driving with another activity. If a distracted driver injured you in a crash, contact us at Hogan Injury.

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