If you’ve been in a serious car crash before, then you have more motivation than most to avoid car accidents. Car accidents are traumatic, can cause debilitating injury, and keep you out of work for an extended time. If you haven’t been in an accident, don’t assume they only happen to other people. It only takes one small mistake made by you or someone else on the road. The key to avoiding many car accidents is focusing on both your driving and the road. Here are four suggestions on improving your driving focus:

Be Prepared

Program your GPS and adjust your mirrors while warming up your car. Make sure the floor is clear of debris that may distract you or interfere with using the gas and brake pedals. You should have already eaten, groomed, and dressed before entering your car. All non-driving tasks should be completed before you pull out on to the road. If your children are with you, they should be buckled in and ready to go.

Stay off Your Cell Phone

Turn your cell phone off or use an answering-machine app to take incoming calls for you. If you must use your phone, pull off the road in a safe spot, and park your car.

Be a Defensive Driver

It isn’t enough to avoid distraction. You need to engage your mind in your driving. How is that possible when you’ve driven on the same commuting route hundreds of times? By driving defensively. This means constantly scanning the road ahead as well as periodically checking your mirrors. Try to maintain lots of following distance and avoid clusters of traffic. Be alert to and anticipate the actions of other motorists on the road.

Drive Well Rested

Get 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night, and take rest breaks on longer trips. Coffee helps immensely with mental focus. However, drink the coffee before starting your trip, or stop at a place where you can buy a cup and drink it there. Remember that coffee isn’t a substitute for sleep.

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