Commuting is a dangerous activity because the roads are packed with motorists in a rush to get to their destinations. When you’re late to work and the traffic isn’t cooperating, it can put you in a very bad mood. This mindset, common to many commuters, can lead to aggressive driving and car accidents. Here are five tips for safe commuting:

  • Minimize commuting. Ask if you can work from home on days that don’t require interaction with others at your job. The Internet as well as cloud computing make this possible, and many companies allow this. Talk to your manager about the possibility.
  • Alter your commute schedule. Sometimes leaving 15 minutes earlier in the morning, and 15 minutes later in the evening can make all the difference between a nightmare commute and one that’s manageable. If the traffic flows faster during your altered commute schedule, then it will make up for some of the extra time spent at work. If your company offers flexible hours, take advantage of it.
  • Take a different route. The most direct and obvious route is often the one taken by everyone else. Rather than taking the multilane highways, experiment with back roads. Although the alternate route may take longer, it will be safer and less stressful.
  • Give yourself more time. It’s easier to shrug off traffic congestion when you have a nice safety buffer of time. You can either get up earlier in the morning, or do as many of your morning activities as possible the evening before, such as showering, preparing lunch, and getting your work clothes ready.
  • Choose steady movement over speed. Aggressive driving has its roots in getting to one’s destination as fast as possible. This involves driving in the left passing lanes and weaving around traffic that impedes your speedy movement. It also makes your commute more stressful. In the end, this dangerous strategy only gains you a few minutes if even that. Choose a middle lane with consistent movement and stick with it. It means less lane changing, less gas consumption, and greater safety.

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