As clearly stated in the California Rules of Professional Conduct, attorneys have a duty to communicate with their clients and keep their clients “reasonably informed about significant developments relating to the employment or representation” (CRPC 3–500). Properly performing the job for which the lawyer has been retained also requires him/her to take the initiative in keeping the client posted about the progress of the case [Butler v. State Bar (1986)]. “Failure to communicate with, and inattention to the needs of a client may, standing alone, constitute grounds for discipline” [Harris v. State Bar (1990)].

Filing a lawsuit could already be in itself stressful and complicated, so working with an attorney or a law firm that values professionalism and puts the needs of their clients first will minimize, if not totally eliminate, frustrations brought about by filing an action or claim.

  • James Clarkson

    It is so important that your attorney is committed to helping resolve your case. If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident, you must quickly contact a lawyer. Your legal representative will gather evidence and witnesses’ testimony to prove you were a victim of negligence. An attorney should be very clear regarding the proceedings and take initiative in communicating your case progress to you.

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