Many accidents occur while backing up. Drivers do not always have a good view of traffic or obstacles behind them. Newer cars are equipped with a rear camera to provide visibility for the driver. These cameras are helpful but may give the driver a false sense of security. The view is often distorted and does not give a perfect assessment of depth perception. The camera lens is also subject to being partially blocked by road dirt.

Safe backing requires a continuous view of the rear and sides of the vehicle. The mirrors don’t always show everything in the path of the vehicle. Most cars have blind spots. Before backing up, the driver or a ground guide should walk around the vehicle and take note of any obstacles.

Backing out of a parking space is especially challenging. Side views are often blocked by other vehicles. The driver must inch out hoping that no one is driving by and that no pedestrians are about to walk behind the vehicle.

When a vehicle is involved in an accident while backing, they are usually considered at fault. The right of way is usually given to the vehicle moving in a forward direction in a travel lane or in a parking lot. Backing up into a travel lane

The best way to prevent an accident while backing up is to not back up. Parking the vehicle in such a way that backing up is not required when leaving is the best way to avoid a backing accident. Backing up significantly increases one’s chance to be involved in an accident.

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