With their heavy car and foot traffic packed into a small area, it’s no surprise that parking lots are the scene of thousands of car accidents each year in the United States. Crowded parking lots have poor visibility and are filled with distracted or impatient motorists. Sometimes they’re poorly designed and right of way isn’t always clear. While accidents take place at relatively slow speeds, whiplash and head impact injuries can occur.

Four Common Car Accident Situations

  • Two cars backing into the other. When backing up, drivers typically turn their heads looking for moving traffic coming down the lane. They often overlook the possibility of colliding with another car backing out at the same time. Positioning the head this way makes it difficult to see a car that’s directly behind. Remember to check the rear view mirror when backing and look for the reverse lights on the back of the car behind you.
  • A car getting hit when backing out of a hidden space. This happens when a car is parked next to a large vehicle that obstructs the driver’s view while backing out. Inch your way out very slowly to allow an oncoming vehicle time to stop. Avoid parking next to large vehicles and back your car into a space when it’s convenient.
  • A collision between two cars pulling into the same space. This commonly occurs when two aggressive drivers compete for the same space. A convenient space isn’t worth getting into an accident over. When another motorist seems intent on parking in a space, let the person take it.
  • A rear end collision. This usually takes place at intersections when a car stops at a stop sign or to turn into a lane. Distraction and following too closely are typical reasons for this accident.

If damage and or injury occurs in a parking lot accident, get a police report, exchange information with the other party, and take pictures if you can. When you need help to resolve the case and to get adequate compensation for medical bills and property damage, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a car accident lawyer. Contact us at Hogan Injury.

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