Wrongful death lawsuits are often a multifaceted process, with a high degree of detail to make sure the estate or family members of the deceased are valued and compensated from a tragic event. When requesting compensation it is often the case that people are not aware of what they can actually seek compensation for. There is a common misconception that estates or family members will only be compensated for things such as medical bills for the deceased, but this is not the case. There are a host of options that one can seek compensation for that will not only help with bills, but help ease the healing process.

Although compensation for wrongful death varies by state to state, below are some common compensation types:

Below are some compensation types that are less common, and often overlooked by either unexperienced law professionals or unknown by clients: 

  • Loss of services which includes services following the death of a spouse or parent
  • Loss of love companionship, comfort and support from the deceased 
  • All other appropriate damages under California law.

Because things like love and companionship are not tangible, but surely felt, Hogan Law knows the importance of compensation in order to help in the healing process. It’s “easy” to show lost wages, medical bills or funeral expenses during a hearing, but showing the need for compensation for something such as comfort adds a different element to the compensation process. Hogan Law has helped many families get the compensation they deserve, so they can start to move forward without the financial burden on top of the grieving process. If you, or someone you know, needs assistance with a wrongful death lawsuit, contact us so we can help you get the compensation and healing you deserve. 



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