Motorcycle windshields are great equipment additions for motorcycles. Many motorcycles come with a windshield as a standard piece of equipment. They are in high demand for riding comfort and for safety.

Motorcycle windshields are made of either acrylic or polycarbonate, both of which are impact resistant. These materials are not impact proof but will not fracture into smaller pieces when struck.

Anything that can improve the safety of a motorcycle is an improvement. One of the worst enemies of a motorcyclist is distraction. There are many “distractions” that windshields minimize the impact of:


Reducing the direct impact of wind on the motorcyclist makes it easier on the rider. The rider who is constantly feeling 50-80 MPH wind against their bodies can be easily exhausted. A windshield increases performance of both the rider and bike.


Debris can range from pebbles kicked up from a vehicle in front of you or something thrown from a vehicle several cars away. Bugs can be the biggest problem. There is nothing insignificant about hitting a large bug while traveling 60 or more MPH.


Many motorcyclists will not let a little rain keep them from a ride. A windshield can make a rainy ride much more tolerable. A windshield will not keep the rider completely dry but will deflect some of the rain from striking directly. Rain can hurt.

Cold air

Those chilly rides can be improved by having a windshield in front to block the cold wind. Sometimes the chosen gear for the ride is just not enough. Wind chill can adversely impact a rider’s ability to function. Depending on speed, temperature can be 10-30 degrees lower while riding than standing still. A windshield can block much of the colder air.

Motorcyclists should be properly dressed to prevent a whole host of injuries. Sometimes being properly dressed is not enough. A windshield is a benefit and a great safety consideration for the motorcyclist.

Motorcycle accidents can bring on many legal uncertainties. Liability for damages and medical expenses are just a couple of concerns. It is in your best interest to have legal representation as soon as possible after an accident. Contact our experienced firm for expert advice.


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