Your windshield does more than shield you from the wind as its name implies. It shields you from gravel and rocks kicked up by the cars and trucks in front of you. It provides structural support to the roof in case of a rollover accident. It gives the right front airbag a back surface against which to inflate. It keeps unbelted passengers inside the car during collisions and rollovers. And it should give you an unobstructed view of the road. To ensure that your windshield continues to do these functions, follow these seven care tips:

  • Keep both the inside and outside surfaces clean. This improves your view of the road, and prevents sunlight and headlight glare. Avoiding a car crash starts with having a clear view of the traffic situation.
  • Repair or replace a windshield when it’s cracked. Small cracks get bigger over time, which weaken the windshield. This means flying rocks and debris can shatter it. A weak windshield also weakens your roof, which may collapse in a rollover. A weakened windshield may also shatter when the right front airbag deploys against it, which renders the airbag ineffective.
  • Remove all unnecessary window stickers. Excessive stickers obstruct your complete view of the road.
  • Minimize street parking. Street parking exposes your windshield to road traffic, which can kick up rocks and debris in much the same way as when driving in traffic.
  • Don’t tailgate. Besides increasing your risk of rear-ending the vehicle in front, tailgating exposes your windshield to impacts with debris and rocks flung up by the tires of cars and especially those of trucks.
  • Keep your wiper fluid reservoir filled. Turning on your wipers without wiper fluid will drag abrasive particles against your windshield and scratch its surface. These scratches interfere with your vision of the road and cause glare.
  • Avoid temperature extremes. When your car is exposed to the sun on a hot day, your windshield gets extremely hot. Avoid using your air conditioner at its full setting with the air blowing directly against the windshield. On a cold day when your windshield is iced over, don’t use hot water to melt the ice. Both practices subject the windshield to extreme thermal stress, which may crack the glass.

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