When you’re in a truck accident, you may feel confused afterwards. You may not remember the accident itself, and you may also lose your memory of the days leading up to the accident. This can be a very troubling thing for some people to cope with.

Cognitive Difficulties After a Truck Accident

At other times, people also experience some cognitive difficulties, especially if they have had a traumatic brain injury during the truck accident. There are people who have been told that they will not be able to go back to their previous cognitive abilities after a brain injury. And yet the neuroplasticity of the human brain is such that it can adapt to many things.

Amy Cuddy’s Experience with a TBI

Amy Cuddy talks about how, after a traumatic brain injury, she was told that she might have to give up her academic career. However, she persevered in what she wanted to do and was eventually able to have the career she wanted. At present, she is best known for her work on power posing which, she says, is a great way to build confidence when something like this happens to you. If you are interested in building confidence in your abilities after a truck accident, you can check out her Ted Talk.

Returning to Your Normal Level of Functioning

The main thing is to keep in mind that it is possible to suffer injuries and to return to a normal way of life. If you have broken bones, they may give you a lot of pain for some time but eventually, they will heal. If you have a brain injury, your brain will create new connections and return to its previous level of functioning.

Staying Positive During the Healing Process

Often, people find that they have changed fundamentally after a brain injury. They may not be able to do certain things as well as they used to but they will be able to do other things better. So don’t worry about whether you will regain your cognitive abilities after a brain injury. Many people who have undergone brain injuries have recovered.

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