If you’re a regular motorcycle rider, then you already know the various things you need to do to ride safely, the most important of which is to wear a helmet. However, there are also other things you can do to prevent injury, such as wearing a protective jacket. There are two types of jackets you can get—a light, mesh jacket with some armor underneath or a heavy leather jacket with armor and padding.

Mesh Jackets

A mesh jacket, as you may guess, is made of mesh. So it has little holes all over it. But it also has some armor underneath, at the elbows, the shoulders and the back. As a result, this jacket allows you to breathe but it also gives you some protection in case of accidents.

Often, when people fall on their sides, they hit their elbows on the ground and the shock travels all the way up to their collarbones. So a fall like this can even result in breaking your collarbone. A mesh jacket will help prevent this from happening. Plus, it’s also a cheaper option than a heavy leather jacket.

Heavy Leather Jackets

A heavy leather jacket gives you more protection than a mesh jacket. It has armor in all the same places as a mesh jacket and it also has some padding underneath so that your body is cushioned in case of a fall.

Keep in mind, however, that heavy leather jackets often have arms that are rotated forward. This is helpful and comfortable when you’re riding a bike but not all that comfortable when you’re just walking around. Plus, these jackets are also more expensive than mesh jackets.

Choosing a Jacket

Whether you choose to buy a mesh jacket or a heavy leather jacket, be sure to try it on first and get one in the right size. It’s important to be comfortable in what you’re wearing or you might end up not wearing it at all. So if you think you’re much more likely to wear a lighter jacket, then go with that. There’s no point in getting a heavy jacket if it’s just going to be hanging in your closet.

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