Some motorcyclists like to carry a lot of stuff with them when riding. Motorcyclists sometimes go on trips that require them to carry some luggage with them. Having the right gear will make the ride safer and more enjoyable.

Why is Specialty Motorcycle Luggage Important?

There are different types of luggage designed for motorcycles. Having gear designed for motorcycle use is important. Why use specialty gear? All items placed on a motorcycle must be properly secured. Using luggage intended for use on a motorcycle helps with that.

Bags are available in different sizes so the rider can keep a small bag on their bike for daily routine trips and use a larger bag for long rides or shopping trips. Specialty luggage makes it easier to pack and secure the rider’s stuff.

Securing Motorcycle Luggage Properly

Motorcycle bags usually have strapping designed to attach to a motorcycle and internal sections to prevent items in the bag from moving around too much while riding. Shifting contents inside motorcycle luggage can cause a sudden change in weight distribution and impact the ability to maintain balance.

Luggage not designed for motorcycling may or may not have straps. If the bag has straps, they are not designed for tying down to a motorcycle. Strapless bags must be tied down with something. Riders often use bungee cords or belts. There are netting products that help with tying down bags. These are designed for motorcycle use.

Luggage racks are available for many motorcycle models. Bags should only be tied down to luggage racks or seat backs.

The Impact of Weather on Motorcycle Bags

Some riders will place plastic trash bags over their luggage to protect it from rain. This is not a bad solution when parked but can be dangerous when in motion. Trash bags are not designed to tolerate the wind velocity of a motorcycle ride, especially in adverse weather situations. Plastic bags can’t be tied down securely as they can tear easily, split, and shred. The primary purpose of putting the plastic over the luggage can be quickly lost. The shredded plastic can get entangled in the spokes or chain causing all kinds of problems. Motorcycle specialty luggage are designed to withstand the hot sun and rain. They often come with an attached rain cover.

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