Summer brings with it warmer weather and sunny days that make it hard for many of us to stay indoors. Particularly after a long winter cooped up inside, you may find yourself scheduling trips, or simply going on a drive to get out of the house. However, with more people on the road, summer tends to see an increase in car accidents. This makes it critical that drivers take certain precautions when they are on the road this summer in order to protect themselves, their loved ones, and other drivers around them. Here is a look at just a few steps that you can take to reduce your chances of being involved in a car accident this summer. 

Watch Out for Others

Warmer weather doesn’t just mean road trips, it also often means that more people are out walking or riding bikes on or near the roadway. This makes it more important than ever that you keep an eye out for cyclists and pedestrians, as someone may dart out into the road unexpectedly. In particular, summer often means more children playing outside, and children may not pay much attention when running into the street to catch a ball. Being aware of your surroundings at all times can help reduce the chances that you will seriously injure yourself or others.   

Avoid Distracted Driving

With more vehicles and pedestrians on the road, it is more important than ever that you avoid distracted driving, as you will need all of your focus to pay attention to the vehicles around you. Eating, drinking, changing the radio, or using your phone can take your attention away from the road long enough to result in an accident. 

Swap Drivers Frequently 

If you are taking a long road trip where you will be driving for many hours at a time, it is important that you consider switching drivers frequently in order to prevent falling asleep at the wheel. Drowsy driving is a common cause of car accidents on road trips, which is why it is important to take precautions when driving for long stretches. If you will be traveling alone, consider scheduling periodic rests, and make sure to pull over somewhere safe and take a nap if you feel yourself start to get tired. 

Be Cautious on Weekends

During the summer, weekends can be particularly hazardous on the road. With people traveling for weekend getaways and day trips to the beach, it is important that you take extra precautions to stay safe. Make sure to watch what other drivers are doing, and give yourself plenty of distance between you and the next car ahead of you to allow for time to react if there is an accident up ahead or vehicles come to a sudden stop.

With extra drivers on the road during summer, it is important that you take extra steps to protect you and your passengers from a potential accident. Contact us to learn more about steps that you can take to prevent an accident as well as for advice if you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident.  

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