Sometimes, neglecting the small things can have big consequences. Whether the consequence is large or small depends on what’s being neglected. On the one hand, a door ding won’t likely cause a crash. However, forgetting to use a turn signal when changing lanes can easily cause a serious car accident. Here are three other small oversights that may have big consequences:

Cleaning the Inside of the Windshield

It makes sense that the inside of the windshield gets neglected, given that the outside surface receives a lot of dirt, dust, and bugs. However, the windshield’s inside surface will slowly acquire a buildup of grime as well. Oils from fingers, cigarette smoke, and the out gassing of volatile organic compounds from the plastics of new upholstery all contribute to a film that causes glare from car headlights. Cleaning away this film will substantially improve your ability to see the road at night.

Replacing the Wiper Blades

The windshield wiper blade is a cheap and quick item to replace. Without it, you wouldn’t get far in rainy weather. If you can’t see well, you can’t drive well. Wiper blades get stiff and begin to crack with age. This causes rainwater streaks, which makes your night driving visibility even worse than a dirty windshield.

Topping off the Wiper Fluid Reservoir

Waiting until your wiper fluid reservoir runs out before filling it up at the nearest service station, usually works when going on short drives in urban areas. But on lengthier drives where the service stations are few and far between, the buildup of summer bugs on your windshield can interfere with your night driving if there’s no wiper fluid to clean them off.

The same problem exists in snow country on wet roads treated with salt, sand, and chemicals. Road spray from traffic in front, builds up salt and other treatment residue on your windshield. This quickly becomes a hazard during the day or night.

If any of the above oversights cause an accident, you may be found at least partially at fault due to negligence. However, if another’s negligence caused you to get injured in a crash, the legal services of Hogan Injury can help. Contact us today.

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