Many people enjoy motorcycles because they can cruise the roads unencumbered by the metal “cage” of a car. This, and the fast acceleration and feeling of rushing air give them an exhilarating feeling of freedom. It is visceral feelings such as this, that make the motorcyclist feel truly alive. But the very things that make motorcycling life-enhancing also make motorcycle accidents deadly. Unfortunately, many things can lead to the wrongful death of a motorcyclist. Three of these are:

Negligent Motorists

Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles on the road, and can fade into the background in busy traffic situations. Motorists not looking out for them, or distracted may drive into a motorcycle without seeing it in time to avoid the collision. This often happens when a car turns left at a busy intersection. Sometimes a distracted driver rear-ends a motorcycle stopped at an intersection or while the motorcycle is braking. Motorists driving under the influence of alcohol commonly collide with motorcycles, particularly at night.

Poor Road Design or Maintenance

A poorly designed road may have intersections at blind curves or hills. The poor visibility forces the motorcyclist to pull into the intersection without knowing if traffic is approaching. Likewise, the motorcyclist riding on the road can get hit by a vehicle unable to see him. Sometimes sharp corners lack signage that warns traffic to slow down. Poor road maintenance can take the form of potholes, left-over construction debris, unfinished construction, rock fall debris, cracks, or a low shoulder that drops off.

Defective Motorcycle

Defective brakes may leave the motorcyclist with little or no braking for coming to a stop. Tire defects such as blisters or bubbles in the sidewall can fail and cause a blowout. Tire defects leading to sudden tread separation can cause loss of control at a critical moment.

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