When you’re in a car accident, adrenaline usually kicks in, and you don’t often realize that you are in pain or that you’ve been hurt. It’s only after that initial adrenaline rush wears off that you realize that you have injuries.

Why Adrenaline Is a Good Thing

In a way, this adrenaline rush is a good thing because it helps you to deal with things right after the accident occurs. If you were in a lot of pain, you wouldn’t be able to get yourself out of your car or call 911. The adrenaline helps you to get help.

The Downside of the Adrenaline Rush

On the other hand, it also has its downsides. Some people are so unaware of the fact that they’ve been hurt that they might end up making their injuries worse. They’re not feeling any pain in a broken leg. So they might try to walk on it and make the break even worse. Or they might break it in a different place. This is the kind of thing that you want to avoid after a car accident.

Dealing with Broken Limbs After a Car Accident

When you are caught in a car accident, examine your body to see if there are any breaks. You will be able to tell if your arm or your leg just doesn’t feel right in some way. If your leg is broken, then you should obviously try not to walk on it. Just wait until help arrives and the medics will be able to put you on a stretcher and take you to the hospital. If your arm is hurt, then you can still walk but you have to be careful not to jostle the arm too much or else the alignment of the bone will be affected.

Getting Away from the Car After an Accident

Yes, there are some cases in which you can’t afford to stay where you are. For example, if the car is on fire, then you have to get away from it even if you have a broken limb. In such cases, just be wary of putting too much weight on a limb which is broken. Instead, you can limp or drag yourself away  the car.

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