A lot of motorcyclists are involved in accidents sooner or later because a motorcycle leaves the rider exposed to elements. A motorcyclist doesn’t have the type of protection that someone driving a car does. If they get hit, they might even fly off their vehicle and land far away from it. At the very least, the motorcycle will tip over along with the rider on top of it.

Motorcycle, Truck and Car Fatality Rates

The fatality rate of someone riding a motorcycle is much higher than the fatality rate of someone driving a truck or a car. Out of every 100,000 registered motorbikes, 59.34 are likely to result in a fatality as opposed to 10. 72 trucks and 10.05 cars (this information is from 2017). So you could say that riding a motorbike is approximately 6 times as lethal as driving a truck or a car. This is what makes it much more important to have insurance when you’re riding a motorcycle as opposed to driving a truck or a car.

Did You Read Your Insurance Policy Closely?

Medical insurance has saved the lives of many more motorcyclists than truck or car drivers. But at the same time, you’ll also need to get in touch with a lawyer to negotiate with your insurance company. The fact is that insurance policies are often full of loopholes that you may not have noticed when you first signed up for them. And it’s possible that when you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, the insurance company might be reluctant to pay you back for all your medical expenses.

The Benefits of Having a Lawyer in Your Corner

At such a time, if you have a lawyer in your corner, then you’re much more likely to get reimbursed for anything that you might have paid for out of pocket. And if you need to go in for surgery or any other complicated medical procedure then your lawyer will be able to help you to get the maximum coverage possible from your insurance company.

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