Drivers of four-wheeled vehicles don’t have motorcycles on their radar. This happens because motorcyclists are a traffic minority and because they have a small size and unusual profile. Compared to most vehicles, the motorcycle has a slender profile when viewed in the front or rear. This means there’s less to catch the eye of the often distracted motorist.

To avoid becoming a part of motorcycle accident statistic, you should master the art of being seen on the road. You can do this in a number of ways, as described below:

  • Install extra riding lights to your headlight. These should extend off to the left and right side of your headlight. The additional lights widen your slender profile, making you more closely resemble a four-wheeled vehicle when viewed head-on. This resemblance puts you back on the motorist’s radar.
  • Wear an ultra visible jacket and helmet. These should have the same bright and garish colors worn by road construction workers. The jacket and helmet should also reflect light at night.
  • Stay out of blind spots. If you can’t see the motorist’s face either directly or through their mirrors, they can’t see you either. Never linger in someone’s blind spot. Note that large car pillars can block the motorist’s view of you and are therefore another type of blind spot.
  • Occasionally shift your position in your lane. This lateral movement catches the attention of motorists behind you and in front of you in the oncoming lane. This works because the brain is wired to notice sudden movement. Shifting like this also improves your assessment of the road situation. This sideways movement is also necessary for dodging potholes and road debris.
  • Assume that a car is hidden behind visual obstructions. For example, a huge semi-truck parked near an intersection blocks your view of the side road. If it blocks your view of the side traffic, it also blocks the side traffic’s view of you. Position yourself closer to the road centerline for a better viewing angle at blind intersections. Buildings, hedges, large signs, and surrounding vehicles can also hide you from motorists. Reposition yourself accordingly in these situations.

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