U-turns are a convenient way to change direction. Most drivers perform U-turns periodically. They have become commonplace. They are expected and necessary in some areas. Business districts with multilane, divided roads make U-turns a necessity to access businesses on both sides of a road.

Where Can U-Turns be Made?

They are allowed at controlled intersections unless there is a sign prohibiting them. Center lanes allow U-turns except where posted. They are allowed in residential areas if the driver has a clear view for 200 feet. They can only be used on a divided highway where there is an opening to do so. Drivers can also do a U-turn over a double yellow line. Drivers must only make a U-turn from the farthest left lane.

Right of way

Drivers taking a U-turn must yield to other traffic and any pedestrians. Pay attention to other activity in the area. Others in the vicinity may not be expecting a car to make a U-turn.

Use turn signals when making any turns. It is required to let other drivers know your intentions. Unfortunately, there is no turn signal to indicate to others that a driver is making a U-turn, but the left turn signal does indicate that the vehicle will be turning in front of them.

Making U-Turns Safely

Drivers should only make U-turns when and where it is safe to do so. Making a U-turn where they are not allowed can be dangerous.

Leave enough room when making a U-turn. Sometimes U-turns become 3-point turns. This can happen on narrow roads or when the driver misjudged the distance needed to make the U-turn. Large vehicles often require more space to make a U-turn.

The best place to make a U-turn is at a controlled intersection where a traffic light is present and illuminating a left turn green signal.

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