Severe Weather Conditions

Every year, hundreds of automobile accidents are caused by irresponsible drivers failing to take extra precaution during severe weather. Not only can severe weather like a pouring downpour make driving difficult, but it also requires extra care on the part of car, truck and motorcycle drivers. Even though inclement weather can pose more challenges when on the road, no weather conditions can be an excuse for drivers to behave irresponsible.

Often times, rain on roadways result in car tires losing traction. This can cause a car to spin out of control, skid or hydroplane. The results of a car being out of control in traffic are often devastating as horrible accidents can happen. This is why operators of cars, trucks and motorcycles should slow down, use their headlights and maintain safe distances between themselves and other vehicles.

Types of Severe Weather That Can Cause Accidents

While California is known as a state with great sunny weather, bad weather can and does happen here. There are many types of severe weather that can play a factor in causing accidents on our roadways including:

Rain – Across the United States, rain is the cause of a countless number of car accidents year in and year out. Because California is a dry-weather state, rain is especially dangerous and more so in heavily populated areas such as San Diego and Los Angeles. There is always a spike in auto accidents when it’s raining as many people simply forget how to properly drive in rain.

When it’s raining, there are basically two types of drivers: Those who are overly cautious and those who tend to drive recklessly. Overly cautious drivers often make too much of the rain and drive at very low speeds. A very slow-moving vehicle going down the road in a heavily congested traffic area can wreak absolute havoc as that one car can start a horrible chain-reaction accident. Many people are involved in rear-end accidents when it’s raining due to one or several timid drivers in traffic who simply are driving unreasonably slow.

Reckless drivers on the other hand completely disregard the fact that it’s raining. These are the types of drivers who speed excessively, make abrupt lane changes and do things like use their cell phones while driving. Sadly, this type of irresponsible driving often ends in terrible roadway accidents because those drivers often lose control of their vehicles on wet pavement.

FogFog is a type of weather condition that limits visibility and distorts perception. In other words, when it’s foggy outside and you’re on the road, it is much more difficult for you to see other vehicles and any objects on the roadway which means extreme caution must be used. There is a reason why airports shut down when it’s foggy outside. Unfortunately, the roads and highways in California never become “fogged in” which means motorists must slow down, use their lights and travel very cautiously when driving in fog.

While most of us know that it’s important to drive our vehicles with care when it’s foggy, unfortunately many motorists completely disregard the fog. Instead, they continue traveling at usual speeds and often without lights. Many terrible roadway accidents have occurred in California due to reckless driving in the fog. Often times, the victims of these accidents are other motorists who were using caution.

Sleet, Ice & Snow

While rain and fog are common causes of accidents in California, sleet, ice and snow does account for some serious automobile accidents and especially so in the high country. When drivers do not exercise caution when driving on ice, sleet or snow covered roads, they risk their tires losing traction. If and when that does happen, horrific auto accidents can take place wherein several people are injured or even killed.

Wind – Strong winds are usually not associated with causing car accidents. However, wind storms do cause roadway accidents in California as well as in every other US state. Windy weather lowers visibility considerably as dust, debris, rain and other substances are flying through the air at very high rates of speed. Most drivers know enough to slow down when it’s very windy outside. However, negligent drivers tend to disregard any weather conditions including wind. Just something like one sudden strong cross-wind can make it impossible for a careless driver to remain in control of his/her vehicle.

If you’ve been injured in an accident that occurred during severe weather and the accident was caused by another driver operating his/her vehicle irresponsibly, you should seek the help of an experienced California personal injury attorney. You may be able to file a lawsuit against the driver who was at fault so that you receive compensation for your injuries and other damages suffered.

It’s possible for you to receive compensation to cover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Hospitalization and surgery costs
  • Permanent injuries
  • Disabilities
  • Mental and emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of Companionship

Because so many accidents happen due to drivers operating their vehicles carelessly during bad weather, it’s important that everyone on the road exercises extra caution when the weather is less than favorable.

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