Many drivers jump into their cars, start it up, and take off. Rarely do they make any change to the seat setup. An exception would be if someone else has driven their car.

Seat Adjustment Considerations

Should the driver’s seat be adjusted mostly for comfort or safety? The most important factor to consider when adjusting the seat is safety. Comfort is possible with the many options available.

Seat Settings

How far away from the steering wheel should the driver be? The National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that a driver sit as far back as possible from the steering wheel to allow for safe deployment of the frontal airbag.

Driver Height

Drivers come in all shapes and sizes. The height of the driver is a significant consideration when adjusting the seat. The driver must be able to reach the gas and brake pedals while simultaneously be able to see over the steering wheel.

Seat Settings

Driver’s seats have several settings available for a driver to choose from. The seat can be moved forward or back. Different models allow for the seat to lean forward or back. The seat height can often be adjusted. The seat back has many choices as well. Some models provide specific settings and others have electronic adjustments. Select models have the ability to assign seat settings for different drivers.

Seat Belt

Proper use and adjustment of the seat belt is a critical component of driver safety. There is a height adjustment which is attached to the door frame.  Proper height adjustment can make a big difference in comfort as well as safety. Once the driver is in the properly adjusted seat, the seat belt is needed to keep the driver there.


The top of the head should be even with the top of the headrest and centered. There should not be more than a couple of inches between the head and the headrest.

Seat Back

The seat back should be adjusted so that the headrest is aligned with the head. Leaning back too far will subject the head to sliding over the headrest.

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