Sometimes, it’s easier to recover from physical trauma than from mental trauma. And this is especially true of a crash. It doesn’t matter which vehicles are involved—motorcycles, cars, trucks etc. The mental trauma is equally great in all cases.

Different Reactions to Trauma

A person might react by completely forgetting about the events leading up to the accident. This is called temporary amnesia. Or they might remember each detail with sparkling clarity and the scene might keep on playing in their heads over and over. Different people have different ways of dealing with trauma. So each individual’s reaction is different.

Fear of Driving as a Symptom of Trauma

It’s not unusual for a person to be afraid of riding a bike or driving a car in the future. You might feel your hands begin to shake when you get into the car. You might break into a cold sweat. You might have a racing heartbeat. These are all signs that you are undergoing mental trauma which needs to be dealt with.

Therapy to Deal with Trauma

The best way to deal with symptoms such as these is to go to a therapist. You need to sit down, take a deep breath and talk about your feelings. Just doing this, especially with someone who is trained to listen, can give you a huge sense of relief. Plus, your therapist might be able to tell you certain exercises which will help to ease the feeling of panic you experience when you get into a car.

Yoga and Meditation to Deal with Trauma

Additionally, you can try yoga or meditation, both of which are calming practices which help you to center yourself and overcome your fears. Nowadays, there are yoga classes available everywhere and meditation groups that anyone can go to. Even if you just meditate for ten minutes a day, you’ll notice the difference in your state of mind.

Long-Term Effects of Trauma

Overall, keep in mind that trauma doesn’t go away in a few days or even a few months. A year after the crash happened, you might still be experiencing symptoms on and off. This is perfectly normal and it doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you.

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