When friends, family, or coworkers are going out with the intention of having a few drinks, someone is often identified as a designated driver.

The use of designated drivers has been hailed for savings lives from potential drunk driving fatalities as well as preventing many drunk driving arrests.

What could possibly go wrong?

Intoxicated Passengers Behavior Can Be Distracting

Some people tend to drink more when they believe that someone else is responsible for them.  

Intoxicated people can be very unpredictable. They can become agitated and loud.

Drinking passengers might not be compliant with demands and expectations such as directions from the driver. They could put themselves and everyone else in the vehicle in jeopardy.

Seatbelts are required to be worn by all occupants in a motor vehicle. Passengers who have had too much to drink might not want to stay in their seat let alone wear their seatbelt.

The designated driver can be easily distracted by unruly behavior by their intoxicated passengers. This can make it difficult for the driver to stay focused on their primary responsibility – driving everyone home safely.

Continued Drinking on the Way Home

The party isn’t always over for those who have been out drinking and have someone to drive them around. Some passengers might bring alcohol into the vehicle and continue to drink on the way home. This could easily make the situation worse. Open container laws could cause trouble for the driver.

Alcohol Induced Illness

People who have too much to drink have been known to get sick. Motion, such as experienced in a moving car, can enhance this effect. The impact of this can be a lasting one for the owner of the vehicle.

The Best Ride of All

The designated driver could enjoy a quiet and uneventful ride home if all their passengers get in the car, fasten their seatbelt, and fall fast asleep.

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