The high risk of accidents on motorcycles is due in part to the same things that make them popular: their small size and quick maneuvering. By making the right choices ahead of time and riding with visibility in mind, you and your bike can stay safe and out of trouble. Here are some ways to be sure you’re seen and accounted for by other drivers.

Choose your colors wisely.

Gray, black, and blue motorcycles can look sleek, but by blending in with the road they pose a huge risk to their riders. Instead, pick a bike that pops out from the background. Neon colors like green, pink, and orange are ideal. The same goes for your gear- the brighter your clothes and helmet, the higher the visibility and the safer your trip.

Mind the time of day.

Driving becomes much more dangerous after sundown, especially for motorcyclists. According to The U.S. Department of Transportation most accidents happen after 3pm. The safest way to travel after dark is by car or not at all; if these aren’t options then double check that your headlights are turned on and functional before riding.

Use turn signals when lane shifting.

Zipping across lanes unannounced is one of the riskiest mistakes a biker can make. Be sure that nearby vehicles can see you and signal your turn at a recommended minimum distance of 100 feet before changing lanes. Clear communication is the key to safe driving.

Watch other vehicles’ blind spots.

Motorcycles take up a dangerously narrow slice of a driver’s field of view. In order to stay in the line of sight and out of harm’s way, bikers should always be mindful of the blind spots that lie outside a vehicle’s rearview mirrors, and never drive directly beside one.

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