If you were involved in a car accident that involved death, you are probably scared. You could be facing multiple charges, including distracted driving, vehicular manslaughter, and possibly even murder.

However, with a good lawyer, you may be able to get the charges dropped (or decreased). Here are some defenses that you may want to consider.

Accident, with no intent.

Most lawyers will fight that it was an accident. If you are facing murder charges, you are going to have to prove that you didn’t set out to kill the person who died.

Bad evidence.

Other lawyers will fight against the evidence. If you were intoxicated, they will fight to get those results thrown out of court. They may try to get any statements from the witnesses thrown out, so that the case isn’t as strong.

Car trouble.

If your vehicle was faulty (and you didn’t know it), your lawyer might fight that you can’t be held liable. Now, if you knew that your brakes weren’t working properly and you drove the vehicle anyway, this defense will not work.

Medical problems.

There are many medical problems that may cause you to struggle while driving. However, if you were diagnosed with a medical problem and you shouldn’t be driving, you don’t have a case.

Prescription medications.

The same can be said of some types of prescription medications. Many affect us, whether they make us sleepy or less alert. If you were warned not to drive, you will be held liable.

If you were involved in an accident (especially one that involved death), you need to talk to a lawyer right away. He or she will be able to help you find the right defense for your case! Don’t hesitate to contact us¬†for all of your legal needs.

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