Construction Injuries

Construction sites may be one of the most accident prone workplaces. Injuries may happen regardless of the type of work, but the construction industry has reported significantly higher number of accidents and injuries within a given time. Certain injuries may be covered by workers’ compensation while others may not be. How will the injured worker claim this benefit?

This section provides the links to different articles discussing topics and issues related to construction injuries and workers’ compensation.

Learn About Construction Injuries

  • OSHA and the Right to a Safe Workplace: The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) protects the rights of employees and holds employers responsible when it comes to safety in the workplace. Find out more about how to file complaints, OSHA inspection and others.
  • Construction Injury Overview: This is presents a general idea on construction-related injuries and regulations. Find out who may be held liable in certain construction injuries such as the site owner, engineer, contractors, etc.
  • Construction Injuries FAQ: Here is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions related to construction injuries. Find answers to questions on OSHA regulations, right to a safe workplace, worker’s compensation, and others.
  • Construction Safety Generally: This is an overview of common employment practices, trends, injuries and safety in the construction place.
  • Scaffold Injuries: OSHA has regulations in place relating to scaffolds that are used in construction. Scaffolds have been involved in a number of construction site accidents and injuries. Read about OSHA regulations regarding this matter.
  • Construction Accidents and Worker’s Compensation: How can you claim worker’s compensation after a work-related injury in a construction site? What does the worker’s compensation cover? Read on and find information that may be helpful.

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