Avandia Recent News

 November 14, 2007: Heart Attack Risk Added to Avandia Labeling

The US Food and Drug Administration or US-FDA announced that labeling on diabetes drug called as Avandia from now on will hold a boxed warning of increased heart attack risks. These warnings will declare that studies “have not confirmed or excluded” the chances of heart attack and the chest pain related with the use of Avandia, since the data which was assessed by the FDA reveals that “there is not enough evidence to show that the risks of heart attacks or death are different between Avandia and some other oral type 2 diabetes treatments.”

September 12, 2007: JAMA Studies Show Avandia Heart Risk

There were two studies published in the Journal of the American Medical Association or JAMA on September 12, 2007, which showed that the use of Avandia or rosiglitazone can increase the chances of heart attacks and heart failure. They recommended that there should be safer medications for diabetes must be made available.

August 14, 2007: Avandia to Carry “Black Box” Warning

An announcement from the US Food and Drug Administration or US FDA said that there are diabetes medicines which include Avandia or rosiglitazone would from now on bring “black box” warnings on the high chances of heart failure related with the use of these medicines. This warning gives stress that these drugs can cause or even worsen heart failure in some patients. The “black box” warning is the FDA’s highest level of warning. FDA is still reviewing Avandia and other potential increased chances of heart attacks.

July 30, 2007: Panel Makes Recommendations on Avandia

The US Food and Drug Administration or US-FDA through its advisory committee, has announced recommended that Avandia or rosiglitazone for diabetes is still out in the market despite the proofs that the use of this drug can increase the chances of heart attacks. The committee has suggested the FDA that Avandia labeling must hold warnings of the increased risks of heart attacks due to the use of Avandia.

May 21, 2007: FDA Safety Alert on Avandia

US Food and Drug Administration or US FDA announced a safety alert against a diabetes medicine called Avandia or rosiglitazone and its link to potential heart risks. This alert was made right after a study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine or NEJM revealed a link between the use of Avandia and the increased risks of heart illness and heart attack. The article in the NEJM concluded that “patients and suppliers should consider the potential for severe adverse cardiovascular effects of treatment with rosiglitazone or Avandia for type 2 diabetes”.

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