Bicycle Safety Tips

Bicycle riding is fun and exciting, also healthy and good way to be independent. It is essential to remember that the bicycle is not a toy but it is considered as vehicle.

Here are useful safety tips when you are riding on a bicycle.

Tips on Safe Riding

Be sure that your bicycle is ready to ride before using it. Always check your bike to ensure that all parts are secure and functioning well. Always make sure to:

  • Wear properly-fitted bicycle helmet to protect your head and brain and save your life.
  • Adjust your bicycle to fit by standing over your bicycle and there should be 1 to2 inches between you and the top tube or bar if you are riding on a road bike while it should be between 3 and 4 inches if you are using a mountain bike. The seat must be level front to the back and the seat height should be adjusted to permit a slight bend at the knee when the legs are completely extended. The handlebar height must be at the same degree with the seat.
  • Check your equipment such as inflating the tires properly and check on brakes before riding on it.
  • Watch and be seen, whether it is daytime, dawn, dusk, foul weather, or at night. Instead of wearing neon, fluorescent, or other bright colors when you are riding during the day or night. You have to wear something that mirrors light like reflective tape or markings or even flashing lights. Take note that you need to see a driver does not mean that the driver can see you.
  • Control your bicycle by riding with at least one hand on the handlebars. bring books and other objects in a bicycle carrier or backpack.
  • Watch for and prevent road hazards by being on the lookout for dangers like broken glass, gravel, potholes, puddles, leaves and dogs since all these can cause accidents. When you are riding with your friends and are on the lead, shout and point to the hazard to warn the other riders who are behind you.
  • Refrain from riding during the night because it is more dangerous to ride during the night time compared to daytime. It is more difficult to see things when during the evenings. If you are riding at night time, wear something that will make you visible to others and make sure you have reflectors on the front and rear of your bike. The white lights on the front and red rear reflectors are mandatory by law in most of the states, and in addition to reflectors on your tires, so that others can easily see you.

There are many bicycle-related accidents that cause injury or death that are associated with the bicyclist’s conduct, which include things like not wearing bicycle helmet, riding into a street without stopping, turning left or swerving into traffic from behind, running a stop sign, and riding the wrong way in the traffic. Always wear prescribed helmet and adhere to the rules of the road for your safety.

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