Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

You will need the services of an experienced car accident attorney if you have been involved in an automobile accident. Having an experienced car accident attorney will ensure that your rights are protected and you get the compensation you rightly deserve.

Time is of the essence

You should contact an experienced car accident attorney as soon as possible. Once you receive the necessary medical aid, you should get in touch with an experienced car accident attorney.  Ideally you should hire a car accident attorney before you start negotiating with your insurance company.

Finding a car accident attorney

Referrals are a best source of finding an experienced car accident attorney. If you know anyone who has availed the services of a car accident attorney, ask them about the attorney and whether they are happy with the services provided by the attorney. If the feedback is positive, ask them for the contact details of the attorney. You can also look up for car accident attorneys in your local yellow pages. Television and radio advertisements are another source of finding a car accident attorney. You can also use the internet to assist you in your search for a car accident attorney. All you need to do is log on to a search engine and type in “car accident attorney” and your city or county name. The search result page will display the details of the car accident attorneys in your city or county.

Short listing

Once you have obtained the contact details of a few car accident attorneys, short list a few of them. Never go to the first attorney you come across. You must ensure that the attorney deals with car accident claims. Car accident claims are complex and only attorneys specializing in car accident claims can assist you with your claim.


Once you have shortlisted a few car accident attorneys, call them and ask them for an appointment. While some attorneys do entertain walk in clients, it is always preferable to call and request an appointment in advance. This ensures that the attorney knows you are coming and can devote time to you. If you walk in without an appointment, the attorney may entertain you but may not give you enough time to discuss your case especially if he is having a busy day.


During your meeting with the car accident attorney, explain to the attorney about the accident. You do not have to go into the details. You can keep that for later when you have chosen the attorney to represent you. Ask the attorney whether he or she thinks you have a case and whether he or she is willing to represent you. Find out if the attorney has experience dealing with your type of injury claim. You should also find out about the fee.

Attorney fees

Most car accident attorneys work on contingency basis. They will get paid only if you get paid. Their fees will be a percentage of the amount you receive from the insurance. However in some jurisdiction, there may be restrictions on attorneys working on contingency basis. Some car accident attorneys work on an hourly fee. If the attorney is charging hourly fees, you should ask the attorney to provide you with an estimate of the number of hours that would be required in your case. However, you should keep in mind that no attorney can give you an exact time frame within which you will receive your money. A few car accident attorneys will be willing to work on a fixed fee basis. If the attorney is charging a fixed fee, you should find out what all is included in the fee. If the attorney is not willing to work on a contingency basis, he or she is most likely to require a small retainer amount which must be paid upfront.

Personal Equation and Trust

This is a very important factor in selecting a car accident attorney. You should be able to work with the attorney. If you do not have a good personal equation with the attorney, it may harm your case. Both of you need to be on the same plane. You don’t want a situation where half way into your battle with the insurance company, you and your car attorney don’t see eye to eye.

Working with the attorney

Once you have chosen the attorney, you will have to sign a retainer agreement. You can then disclose the entire details of your case to the attorney. Do not hold anything back or provide false information to the attorney. Remember it is your case that the attorney is fighting.

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