Motorcycling is a popular pastime in Massachusetts.  Hundreds of motorcyclists have hit the many country roads enjoyed by them now that the weather has turned.  Many of these motorcycles are on the road with a passenger.

Many licensed motorcyclists have taken courses in motorcycle safety.  They know the dangers on the road that are not so obvious to others.  They know how to safely prepare for a motorcycle ride.  The many friends, partners, and children who hop on the back of a motorcycle may not be so prepared.  Motorcycle passengers are dependent on the operator to make sure they are safe.  Motorcycle passengers don’t independently know how to be safe on a motorcycle.  They want to have fun.

Helmets are required to be worn by both operators and passengers in Massachusetts.  Beyond that, motorcycle clothing is up to those on the motorcycle.

Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injury.  Dressing properly on a motorcycle can mitigate potential injuries in the event of an accident.  Helmets prevent or reduce countless severe head injuries.  Proper clothing prevents extremity injuries or reduces their severity.  Protective clothing should be worn by both operator and passenger.  Full finger gloves, long sleeve shirts or preferably a jacket designed for motorcycling to protect the upper body should be worn.  Long pants designed for motorcycling with knee and hip pads are best but alternatively denim.  Boots that cover the ankle are recommended to reduce the risk of ankle injuries.  Following these safety recommendations can make a big difference.

Dress safely when operating a motorcycle or riding as a passenger. Contact us should you be involved in an accident whether you are an operator or passenger.  Our firm is prepared to help.

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