Motorcycling is a popular and enjoyable sport. It is a primary form of transportation for many. The roads are full of individual riders, groups, and clubs on the weekends when the weather is right. Some enthusiasts ride all year long.

As each motorcycle rides by, a variety of choices of riding clothing can be observed. One particular item of any rider’s dress code is what they wear on their feet.

Fun or Safety Footwear

Motorcyclists have several types of shoes to choose from when riding. For some riders, safety is of utmost concern. For other riders, what they wear is all about the fun. The different types of rider are obvious as they ride by.

You’ve seen them. The riders who are out to feel the fresh air rush by them. They enjoy the fun and the freedom that motorcycling provides. Some of these riders and passengers are wearing flip-flops, sandals or sneakers.

Other riders can be observed covered from top to bottom. They have a full-face helmet, leather jacket or long sleeve shirt, gloves, long pants, and boots.

Specialized Motorcycling Footwear

It is important to wear footwear designed for motorcycling. Specialized motorcycling footwear have some particular features that make the rider safer, comfortable, and even fashionable.

Key Features:

  • Over the ankle boot style – protects the ankle from a side hit or a fall.
  • Patch over top of shoe – protects shoe from excess wear and foot from pressure during shifting.
  • Anti-slip sole – ensures feet will stay put on the pavement when stopped, protects from road grease and sand.
  • Shin padding – some boots extend up the shin with extra padding to protect in case of accident or fall.


There are many boots designed for other purposes that are worn by safety conscious motorcyclists. Many boots are fine to be worn motorcycling if the wearer pays attention to a design that prevents slipping and adequately covers the ankle.

Zipper vs. Laces

Some motorcyclists prefer a zipper over laces. Zippers do make boots easier to get on and off. Laced boots can get untied and present a hazard if the laces get caught up in the bike or something on the ground.

Enjoy the ride. Stay safe. Dress to prevent as much damage to your body as possible in the event you have an accident or simply drop the bike. Our experienced law firm is here to help if you need us. Give us a call.


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