Our country and the world experienced a devastating pandemic. This virus disrupted every aspect of our lives and continues to do so. The effects of COVID-19 will be with us for years to come. Some resulting challenges our society has is safety on the highways. Motor vehicle safety is one thing that has been unintentionally impacted.

Many motor vehicle laws have not been enforced during this period. Limited enforcement of some laws has been by consequence or by deliberate pause because motorists have not had access to facilities to be in compliance with some regulatory requirements.

Extensions of Expiration Dates

Vehicle registrations that expired during this period were extended as Department of Motor Vehicles offices were closed as part of stay at home orders. Driver licenses and other permits were also extended.


Some vehicles on the road have not had their required safety inspection. These inspections are more than an annoying administrative event. They do identify important safety defects. Some vehicles that have not been inspected would be removed from the road if they were.

Financial difficulties

The unemployment rate skyrocketed overnight. Financial markets have been adversely impacted. Many people are experiencing severe financial difficulties. Many vehicle owners have not been able to keep up with their vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule because of it.

Owner Maintenance

Replacing headlights, signal lights and windshield wiper blades have not been done at previous regular intervals. Drivers continue to drive despite reduced visibility. Car washes have been closed, dirt and debris can impact visibility and functionality.

Under normal circumstances, many vehicle repairs would be quickly taken care of. Post COVID-19, many vehicle owners have not been able to make these repairs and still need to use their vehicle for important transportation or commerce.

Access to Maintenance Facilities

Repair shops have been unable to open, or they have had reduced staffing. Usual customer traffic has been reduced. Social distancing requirements and fears about the virus has prevented mechanics and customers from interacting and working on vehicles.

Be aware of the mechanical difficulties and the absence of some safety devices that vehicles on the road may be experiencing. Try to keep up with your own vehicles’ maintenance problems. Unfortunately, some vehicles in need of repair will be involved in accidents. This has the potential of presenting litigation issues. Our experienced law firm is available to help. Contact us.

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