Side mirrors have been on cars for over 80 years. They’ve changed a bit over the years. They were outlawed in some states and then added as an option in the early years of mirror usage. Mirrors started out on the driver’s side fender in an early attempt to capture the driver’s blind spot before finally ending up on the doors.

Today drivers are used to having a side mirror on both the driver and passenger side. The passenger mirror has the familiar “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear” etched in the glass. Drivers have a wider view from these mirrors and need the reminder to know that the objects are close enough to be of concern.

Do these mirrors help? Accidents still occur. Blind spots continue to torment drivers. Mirrors are often the only culprit in an accident.  Mirrors strike other cars. Drivers sometimes fail to estimate the distance between them and other cars. Some accidents involve striking other objects with the mirror. Pedestrians, parked cars, and moving vehicles are struck by the mirror on a passing car.

Do mirrors give drivers a false sense of security? Mirrors provide an expanded side view and a view of the rear. Drivers also have a rear-view mirror on the inside of the vehicle.

Newer cars now have cameras in the rear of the vehicle. Drivers are less dependent on the mirrors sticking out of the sides of their cars. No need to check the mirrors before backing. They expect the view from the camera to provide what they need. The blind spots have become larger. Drivers are less apt to use the mirrors than they used to. The increase in technology has not completely eradicated accidents.  Drivers must use the technology. Cameras and mirrors together do not give drivers the 360 degree view they seek. Accidents still happen.

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