Being in a vehicular accident with a truck involved can cause catastrophic injuries to people and terrible damage to property. Truck accidents can become complicated since there are laws that specifically apply to trucks that are different from cars or motorcycle. The probability of sustaining an injury during a truck accident is higher than any other types of vehicles. Aside from the massive size of these trucks, the long hours that their drivers have to drive can be a significant factor in causing an accident. Some of them might even disobey speed limits just to meet deadlines.

In this section of our Legal Knowledge Center, you will find information relevant to accidents involving trucks. The question and answer format will enable you to grasp the information better and aims to relate to you as a customer. Information from this section varies from simple questions about liability to the more complicated side of accidents involving trucks.

Injuries sustained during a truck accident can be fatal, and we at Hogan Injury are dedicated to finding ways for you to get compensated with the amount that you deserve. We have lawyers that have expertise in truck accidents who will be able to help you.

Hit and run accidents are common here in California, especially in Los Angeles. The first thing I’ll advise you to do is to recall everything that you can about the driver and his car. Try remembering the plate number, the model and make of the car, physical characteristics of the person behind the wheel, etc. If there are witnesses around, go talk to them and gather additional information that can help the police find the hit and run driver. When you feel that you’ve exhausted all sources of information including.

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If you’ve sustained injuries in a truck accident, a truck accident lawyer can help you file a legal claim against the other party or parties involved. Are you partially at fault? For example, you were driving down the road 10 mph above the set speed limit then a big rig from the opposite lane makes a sudden lane change without signaling. The sudden lane change caused you to lose control of your vehicle, and you crashed into a large boulder. You sustained severe injuries from the crash and decided to.

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